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Making Audits Simple
When you think about it, work is just teams of people, using equipment and materials in work areas.
Because we make checks all of the time, but keeping records is hard work.

AuditApp Pro is designed to make auditing a live experience, making it easy to capture the frequent 'checks' that workers make.

Measure your people, equipment and work environment like never before, in a way that your workers may even enjoy.

How does it work?
Create your teams, add your work areas, and access these great features.
The right tools for your business.
Check things to show how work gets done.
AuditApp Pro builds an accurate picture of your every day business activity.

Sometimes we overlook the simple things, like a 'How are you?'.
People checks capture those conversations alongside more formal chats about competency or work in general.
You don't need any special skills to make a check, so AuditApp Pro gives you a wider view of the average work day.
Equipment & Materials

Are you using the best tools for the job?
This type of check can track deterioration of your equipment. It can also help to track it's location.
You can even use this check to keep track of stock quantities, calibrations and close down checks.
Work areas

From a general work area check, through to security, emergency controls and even hazardous materials, the work area check gives a broad stroke for your workers to capture the things they notice each day.
Work area checks are the best place to keep a record of your standard work day process.

Beyond the work area that we build, we must be aware of the local environment.
Environment checks cover everything from water and air quality, to ground contamination.
You can even use this check to count sheep if you like.
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