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Real time competency records.
Whatever your business, just upload your process and measure your supply chain.
Competency records. Simple.
When you think about it, work is just teams of people, using equipment and materials in work areas.
CompetencyApp is the tool you need to understand your workers.

Plug in your competency standards and measure workers right through your supply chain.

Assess others using 'In field assessment', or learn something new using the 'Self assess' function.

CompetencyApp is a world leading way to put knowledge in the hands of your workers.

Competency isn't about compliance, it's about learning to improve, together/

How does it work?
Create your teams, add your work areas, and access these great features.
The right tools for your business.
Just choose the tools that work for you.
CompetencyApp gives the best insight into worker competency.

Use the app to gather 'In field' assessment of others.
Get live records of how your process is being delivered in the field
Use in field assessment to understand your own workers and those in your supply chain.
Self Assess

Your people can access learning whenever they need it.
Self assessment gives you a record of who, where and when a worker learned something new, or refreshed their knowledge.
Some call it evidence of compliance, but we call it useful info for your workers.
Check others

You might not have the skills to assess others, but you can keep records of the checks that are made.
The people check borrows from AuditApp Pro so that all of your workers can keep track of their work interactions with each other.
Giving you a wider insight into daily work.
Add workers

CompetencyApp is a tool for more than just your own workforce.
You set your company standards, and you can use the tool to see how your own workers, and those who work under your processes are doing.
Bulked up, CompetencyApp can give you insight into the performance of companies in your supply chain against the standards and processes that you have set.
Flexible, or fixed, plans to suit you.
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