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Safety Reporting made simple.
Location aware reporting. World class analytics.
Because Health and Safety should improve your business, not make it harder.
Making Reporting Simple
When you think about it, work is just teams of people, using equipment and materials in work areas.
SafetyApp Pro pairs simple app reporting with world class analytics.

Instant reporting and email notifications keep you in the loop whilst building a definitive record of your business activity.

In a world first, you can share work areas with your supply chain for joined up reporting in one place.

Whether you are starting your journey or refining your process, SafetyApp Pro is the best place to start.

How does it work?
Create your teams, add your work areas, and access these great features.
The right tools for your business.
Just choose the tools that work for you.
SafetyApp Pro covers the core reporting needs of every business.

Something went wrong and there was harm to people, equipment or the work area.
The unique simplicity of Event reporting enables you to draw from over 200 contributing factors, which can help you identify areas of interest. Where it's happening, when it's happening, how it's happening.
New Risks

Something could go wrong here.
Add new risks to understand the risk profile of your business. Break it down by team or by work area to see live risk registers for different parts of your business. Then you can get to work on reducing risks from a position of knowledge.

Because your workers are the reason things go right most of the time!
Report recognition to support your business incentives, and to grow your culture. Your workers can recognise others doing a great job, giving you insight into the great things we often miss each day.

Curious workers are productive workers.
Listen to ideas and suggestions that improve the work day of your workers. Implement changes to make your business better. New ideas help you do things better, and the analysis provided by SafetyApp Pro makes it simple to identify improvements.
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